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Is this project dead?

first post: tjrobinson wrote: It looks like not much has happened on this project since 2010. Is...

The type or namespace name 'OpenGraphAuthenticatedSession' could not be found

first post: velecky wrote: ... when trying to run demosite.

latest post: pallab wrote: Use Facebook.Graph.GraphAuthenticatedSession instead of OpenGraphAu...

Supporting picture links on graph objects

first post: thermous wrote: FYI, the current OpenGraph.NET API doesn't expose picture links on ...

Failure to deserialize JSON with 0x80131510

first post: thermous wrote: EntityFromTokenFactory throws an exception COR_E_METHODACCESS when ...

latest post: thermous wrote: woops, operator error, please ignore this post.

Awesome project

first post: andyscott12 wrote: Hi :)This is great project - really looking forward to seeing how y...

latest post: andyscott12 wrote: any updates coming to this ? would be great to see a bit more docum...

Silverlight support

first post: santiagoIT wrote: Hello,can this API be used in Silverlight apps?Thank you!

User.Events doesn't work - throws error

first post: prabirshrestha wrote: hi, seems like there is a problem when i try to get all events for...

MVC sample?

first post: be789 wrote: Is there an MVC.NET sample out there? I don't see one in the sampl...

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